A first post

Got a link to a friend’s covert blog.
Realizing blogs don’t have to be dauntingly long and informative.
They can be as short or as long as I’d like, and that’s okay.
And it’s okay if I don’t have many followers for now. Or forever.

Think about it like this:
I’m writing down my thoughts for my own sake,
while other people can happen upon it.

…rather than:
I’m writing primarily for the sake of others.

Maybe I’ll pick this up again, who knows?
Besides, there doesn’t have to be a deadline or rule if it’s for my own sake, does there?

Write as often or as rarely as I’d like, while writing as short or as long as I will.

I think I’ll come back to nice-ify this blog another time.
My tousled hair begs my attention (or rather, a shower).

2 thoughts on “A first post

  1. Yes yes yes, that’s exactly how I think about it. It’s for me, but it’s nice if other people stumble upon this blog and can relate to it.

    Did you find the link to your old blog, or did you just create a new one? (recovering old passwords is a pain because you don’t remember what was important to you)

    Thanks for reading the entries AND leaving comments. I’m your number one fan now.

    I hope your tousled hair got enough attention, and is artfully arranged in an air of casual “hip” negligence.

    • Hahaha, thank you, Chris T.
      I created the new one despite recovering my old account.
      My old one’s just floating around in cyberspace/wordpress somewhere, forgotten.

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