Inner Monologue to J

I don’t want our meetings to be Q&A sessions about our personal lives, and I don’t want to be tied down with obligation as a volunteer tutor to listen to you get out a week’s worth of conversation.

I knew you were lonely when we met, and that you didn’t have any English-speaking friends. Today I learned that you probably don’t have any friends that you see regularly. I understand the urge to want to share your thoughts with someone that’ll listen.

However, I feel that you are exploiting the program. I’ve always felt uneasy about our unstructured meetings. Now I realize you’re abusing the fact that you have me at your service when we meet, and instead of trying to learn English, you are now simply using me as a free counselor, and an easy friend. I’ve tried to switch our focus to learning English by correcting you when you speak, but you always dismiss it as if I’m interrupting you in a one-way conversation in an unbalanced friendship.

I am your English tutor. My goal is to help you improve your English. [Train of thought is lost here.]

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