Just shout

There’s a song that’s been stuck in my head consistently for a week.

I hadn’t heard the song in ages (it came out in 2006 but I don’t remember when I first heard it), but one day, about a week ago, I realized there was a song in my head.
I recognized the tune, but couldn’t make out most of the lyrics or the title.
Later, I discovered it was a song by Korean artist “Maya”, and the tune called “I Shout Me”.
Naturally, I had to read the lyrics and listen to the song on Youtube at least once.

The strangest thing is that the lyrics entirely speak to my current situation.

I think I assumed the song was a love song when I first heard it, as they all are.
Plus, it sounds like it could potentially be a love song.
But it’s vague. To demonstrate, some of its main lyrics are:

“‘This very moment’ / ‘It’s not the end’ / ‘I’m going my way’ / Just shout it”


“Instead of saying ‘Never get weak’ / Instead of saying ‘Never fall behind’ / ‘This very moment’…”

Basically, it’s a song about a setback and a struggle to accept and get past it…
which is exactly what I’m going through.

The words to this song are words that, from beginning to end, seem to apply to me – even reach out to me – and it comes out of nowhere, and repeats itself throughout the days over a substantial amount of time.
I catch it playing in the background of my thoughts especially when I reflect on or remember my current directionless situation that seems to have no answer.

Crazy coincidence with suspicions fueled by equals parts of creativity and paranoia?
or supernatural powers at work?

Either way, it’s curiously helpful and I’m spooked.

3 thoughts on “Just shout

  1. Isn’t Maya moderately famous? I really like her singing style – and I wouldn’t have pegged it down to be a favorite of yours!

    The chorus sounds empowering. Reminds me of the OST “Butterfly” from the Korean movie “Kick-off”, and some of the ballads you hear in Korean pop contests such as The Voice (?).

    Hope life keeps on spooking you with its possibilities! Weird makes the world go ’round.

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