The year of exploration. […] The year of discovery.

You’re not an abusive boyfriend that I’m desperately in love with.

You don’t get to have me at your mercy. You don’t get to dump me, and then still be welcomed back with a routine. I don’t need you. Not having you doesn’t make me anxious, or feel empty. You don’t cause me the same kind of pain anymore. The anguish, if that, lasts only a moment. […]


Revisiting a place of the past, it’s never the same. The present is continuously flowing into the future, and things are constantly evolving with the passing time, in obvious or minute ways. So it’s foolish, though natural, to expect a past memory when visiting from a removed future. People change, and things change. Even memories are malleable. […]

With a little bit of luck…

I seriously think it’s time I get back into society. I don’t just say this the way I say most of my I-should’s. “I should eat some more fruit (but that means actually eating them, so maybe not).” I mean I should really get back into society. ASAP. At my earliest convenience. I only say […]