I’m loving the fog in this city. The sky is spotlessly white, with a grey tint. The whiteness with which it illuminates causes all the colours to pop, and everything appears with more depth. I feel like I’m seeing everything for the first time, and I can see why: everything looks ever so slightly different, like a Photoshop-enhanced photo in contrast with its original. It’s as if I’m seeing things in their true colours.

It’s all mesmerizing. I wish I could take a picture of everything. I wish I had my DSLR with me.

To be truthful, though, I haven’t even opened the box my DSLR came in. I feel this immense pressure to produce worthwhile photography, something that induces, “Wow”, and that takes time and heart.

Maybe I’ll take this as a lesson. If I had used my DSLR beforehand, and had it with me, I could have captured this moment.

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