It’ll Be Okay

I think I’ll be okay.

I think the very fact that I’m constantly thinking about things and thinking about myself – aware and reflective – instead of acting rashly and passionately, outlines that. I haven’t jumped off the cliff yet, and no matter how much I whine, I don’t think I ever will.

I’ll keep on thinking, doubting, realizing, changing, and growing, and eventually, I think, the worst pains will be over, and I’ll be okay.

2 thoughts on “It’ll Be Okay

    • Hey, good for you for taking that step!

      I wish seeing a therapist was more accessible for me, but I’ve been getting myself to focus on the positive, the realistic, and the present (over the future, for example), and I’m seeing improvements in my day-to-day satisfaction with life.

      I hope the free therapy sessions turn out well for you.

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