There’s even a word for it.

And it’s a symptom of psychosis.


I’m planning on seeing a Catholic priest and a psychologist in the next week. I need to hear what these people have to say before I say anything to her, before I do anything rash…


3 thoughts on ““Erotomania”

  1. First, props to you for looking it up for a friend and finding it. (How did you find the name for it, anyway? It seems like if you listed the symptoms you would get the posting of a bunch of people also afflicted with this type of psychosis).

    I think that’s a very wise choice. You might feel guilty now for “betraying the trust” of your friend – that’s how some people put it – but the alternative is standing by and not helping. There’s only so much you can do for a friend and you’re definitely going to help her in the long run. Also a psychologist or a priest will hopefully instruct you on how to handle the situation as a friend, as a person who cares. Keeping your own mental health is important, too, when helping out a friend.

    • Hey, thanks for the encouragement. It’s reassuring in times of conflict to know that there are people like you.

      As superficial as it may sound, I was searching up lists of films that depict or deal with psychosis. I wanted to see how films saw psychosis. I think I wanted to compare my friend’s situation to those shown in films: some common delusions, outward signs of delusions, origin of delusions, how the subject interprets the situation, how others see the subject, and how they all deal with the situation. Most of the titles were about schizophrenia, but one film was supposed to portray a woman with erotomania. It sounded like it might have something to do with my suspicions, so I searched it up. If you’re wondering, I have yet to see the film. It’s called “He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not” / “ƀ la folie… pas du tout”.

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