I’m torn.

A close friend of mine thinks that someone is manipulating her thoughts and emotions. She thinks this person is telepathically communicating with her. She says this has been going on for over a year.

At some point, I determined to stay unbiased about the “objective truth” of it all. It didn’t matter whether any of what she said actually happened. It only mattered that she was struggling in non-visible ways, and that this was how she interpreted those struggles.

Recently, her telepathic affairs have been climaxing. She’s been struggling harder to get out of her telepathic relationship, and this person’s telepathic resilience and manipulation has intensified. I try to advise her, and I’ve pressed her for more explanation. There seems to be no answer to her situation.

I’m finally trying to understand, in my own terms, what she’s going through. Science has not been able to replicate telepathy. Many cases of reported telepathy turned out to be symptoms of psychosis. Anti-psychotic medication has been successful in reducing these delusions. On the other hand, a certain blog writes about how one may block out unwanted telepathic communication. At the bottom, it appears that people have commented, expressing their grievance, confusion, or assuagement.

I’m torn because I want to be able to help her in a more involved way. I don’t know if advising her to fight telepathically is the answer, or referring her to a psychiatrist for diagnosis and medication.


6 thoughts on “Help

  1. I go through psychosis and know a few others that do as well. What she goes through is incredibly hard, and no matter how strange it seems, it is likely that she full-heartedly believes it. It is important that you inform her family, and help to get her to see a psychiatrist. Often times this will not be easy, but you are being a good friend and you are doing what is best for her.
    Blocking the messages will be very hard, she needs a psychiatrist. The messages are caused by a chemical imbalance in her brain. But the antipsychotic medication works for a great many of people. Often times it takes different trials of different medication to see what works for her, so encourage her to not give up. Each person responds differently to medicine. But chances are that the medication will help her.
    Thank you for being a good friend to her.
    Please let me know if you have any more questions.

    • Thank you for responding to my post. You seem resolute in that she is going through psychosis, and I’d love to know more. Would you mind sharing your opinion and experience in more detail? Have you known others to experience what they believed was telepathy? What were their experiences like? My friend believes that what she’s going through has spiritual or religious implications – that, in some way, God has gifted this person with the ability to influence others telepathically.

      • To make sure that she is safe, it may be necessary to know what she is hearing. If it is psychosis, many people hear messages telling them to complete dangerous missions (as in hurting themselves or others). I have (and most people that have psychosis have) thoughts that I am being broadcast secret messages, or messages from God.

  2. Here are a few short examples of supposed telepathic communication. Many of these may seem extreme, but the thought of telepathic communication is a very common symptom of psychosis:
    I have felt that God was talking to me. I thought he was saying that the world is a wicked place, and that this must be changed by me. Many people feel that God has given the power to hear him, or that they might have other spiritual powers.
    I have felt that I was being telepathically transmitted by people of a different dimension; they were telling me that I had super powers, and had to defeat myself from a different dimension.
    Recently, I have felt that people from the future were telepathically contacting me. They were saying that in the future I commit a terrible act and that I must stop myself.
    When people are experiencing this, they are often told that these voices are real and not from within their head. This is why people really think that special powers have been given to them.

    • Thank you for responding to my call for help. I’m sorry I haven’t responded until now; I am still trying to process what’s going on.

      My friend hasn’t told me about dangerous missions, convictions about special powers (on her part), or voices reassuring her that they’re real. Still, it could be that she’s holding out. It’s confusing and I don’t think it’s in my jurisdiction to decide what she’s struggling with. You’re right. I need to talk to someone professional to get a better understanding of what’s happening, and to get help if it’s needed.

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