Don’t be so impatient with yourself.
You’ll never be perfect, or your version of perfect.


2 thoughts on “Smee

  1. “You’ll never be perfect” is a statement that is simultaneously liberating and terrifying. Perhaps not despite, but because of its implications.

    I think people don’t know what to do with freedom and end up becoming slaves to something (until we’re servants of the Lord, Christian theology amends, in which case we’re beholden and freed in love).

    But yes, I wish to be perfect as a writer. Probably will never happen.

    • It’s always interesting what people have to say about your conclusions! Those two lines, for me, were concluding thoughts in struggling with myself, but for you, they’re words that instigate new thoughts, or a different take on an existing thought. “Liberating and terrifying”, I like that. I never thought of it in terms of freedom, not explicitly.

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