Bucket Item 2: Everything is Awesome

  • #2: Go out of my way to a commercial cinema to watch a movie by myself, or in short, watch a movie by myself.


I’d meant to go to the cinema alone for a while. I hadn’t done it in a long time, and there had been so many movies I wanted to watch [through the cinema experience]. There wasn’t anyone I wanted to bother calling up, and even if there was, making plans with someone else is such a bother. Do they even want to watch the same movie?

After some months of inadvertent abstinence, I finally made my move: I’d regained some life.
Actually, I couldn’t convince my mom to watch it with me.

As many before me have already appealed, The Lego Movie is essentially a two-hour long Lego commercial.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable. It was just as fun as one would have expected from the trailer: countless cultural references, puns, awkward moments, nonsensical situations, little hidden jokes, and most of all, self-aware humour.

Still, if there was one aspect that tainted the experience for me, the dad/son layer felt cheesy and forced. I wanted to dwell in the satirical heaven of Legoland, but alas, for such a wild, intelligent movie, there must be a least fantastical dimension: the real world. My first impression was that the makers just needed it to make an ending – a bummer – but I guess it helped explain all the nonsense. (Not that I wanted any explanations.)

On the other hand, I get it from a commercial perspective. Their primary motive for the movie had to be to advance the Lego brand (read: sales), and that’s marketed primarily towards children. Children under a certain age prefer that things are explained to them. So, while a milder, classier shape and form of Robot Chicken is exciting for older audiences, the desired response from the target audience requires explicit endorsement and positive associations. Business.

Aside from that irksome detail, everything was awesome, as was the walk down after the movie; I didn’t realize the cinema so high up.

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