‘NY Post’ Wants to Know: What’s With All the Ladies at the Golden Globes?

What the hell, Smith?


It is increasingly rare, in this day and age, to observe stark, raw, pure sexism in the pages of a major metropolitan newspaper. Oh, it’s there, don’t get me wrong — but writers and editors usually have the good sense to filter it through obfuscating language and rhetorical devices, leaving readers to dig out the subtext themselves. And that’s what’s sort of remarkable about Kyle Smith’s New York Post review of the Golden Globes, which became yesterday’s essential hate-read: this shit is pure as the driven snow. This is uncut. If it were cocaine, it’d be sitting in a mountainous pile on Tony Montana’s desk.

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One thought on “‘NY Post’ Wants to Know: What’s With All the Ladies at the Golden Globes?

  1. Oh wow. Men. Just today I had a conversation with a friend about make-up and how he once didn’t recognize a girl without her make-up. Sad that sometimes women are reduced to wearing make-up “for the men”, and that it’s hard to distinguish from when used as a cathartic activity. Misrepresentation of women proliferates media, certainly – you know about the Bechdel test, right?

    It makes me sad when I think about how two of my favorite TV shows (Doctor Who and Sherlock) have a (co-)showrunner who’s been repeatedly sexist in his interviews. Maybe you could become a filmmaker one day and fix that? 😀

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